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To understand how we offer such low prices, you first need to know a little bit about the flower business. Anytime you order flowers for delivery outside of your local area, the florist relays your order to another flower shop who then delivers the flowers. The problem is that the florist who took your order usually adds a fee of up to $14.95 which they keep as extra profit instead of giving it to the local florist. They call it a "delivery fee", "wire fee", or "service fee" and don't tell you about it until right before you pay for the order. See our Blog Posting about this for a more detailed explaination of how it works.

At CheapFlowers.com, we send out your order the same way other florists do, but we don't charge any extra fees and we don't build any fees into the cost of the flowers. Whatever you pay us is exactly the same as the price we give the delivering florist. And, if you ever have a question or need to change your order, you can contact us 7 days a week and speak with a professional florist. We do not outsource our customer service and all of our employees have extensive experience in retail flower shops.

NOTE: The name "Cheapflowers.com" will not be seen by the recipient or be shown on your credit card bill. The flowers are delivered by a local florist under their own name, and your credit card bill will show the name "GetFlowers.com".

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DISCLAIMER: The product photos shown on CheapFlowers.com are only examples. The actual flower arrangements that are delivered may not be exactly as pictured due to regional differences, inventory availability, and designer preferences.

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